Thursday, March 25, 2010

Household hint--laundy

This has nothing to do with the kitchen, but it has made laundry day infinitely easier at the Zollinger house.
At the dollar store I found a bunch of those tiny brass safety pins( 150 for a dollar!) and every night when I take off my socks I use one to pin them together. NO more matching for me! They are washable, and I am to the point where I just leave the safety pin on one of my socks when I wear them.There was a day a week ago where one of my students was in dire need of a safety pin due to a ripped pants issue, and he was amazed when I took one off the cuff of my sock and saved his day. If you are a super laundry hater like me, you don't even have to fold the socks, you can just throw them in a drawer already pinned together.
I hope this saves a few people from having a basket full of mismatched socks!

1 comment:

  1. That is a great idea. No more missing socks for me :)