Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baked Potoato Soup

Most potato soups are more difficult to make because of the thickening methods. Not this one. I like this soup because it is different from every other creamy potato soup out there, yet it is still delicious! Enjoy during the last of your winter season!

4 medium (6 small) potatoes chopped bite sized
Seasoned Salt, oil
1 onion, chopped
4 tbsp butter
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 pint of Half and Half.
2 chicken bullion cubes
4 cups milk.
Preheat oven to 400. Coat potatoes with seasoned salt and a small amount of oil, spread into one layer on a baking sheet. Bake for 45 minutes. In large stock pot, sauté onion in melted butter, add potatoes and coat with butter mixture. Stir in remaining ingredients, boil until thickened.
Serve with: grated cheese, sour cream and green onions… bacon bits if you so desire.

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